Prince William’s gay,
Prince Harry O.D’s!

Shocking news from the royal family; Prince William is gay! He was on a trip with some gay friends; The Suns star-reporter, Marte Elise Kristoffersen, captured the event. After talking to his brother on the phone, Prince Harry was so shocked that he took an overdose of heroin.

The Suns reporter Nora Hannisdal was in Caribbean when she got a shocking phone call from one of her colleges that told her that prince William was gay. She was just to start on an article about him that said he was one of the cutest and nicest princes of all time, and that he soon would find the girl in his dreams. The shock became more extent when she found out that it was the Norwegian prince, Håkon, that was his partner.

Gay bar
Prince William was the night before yesterday observed at a gay bar with one of his friends. Everything seemed very innocent and pure, before one of the men in the bar asked the Prince to dance. It turned out to be the Norwegian prince, Håkon! After one hour on the dance floor and seven and a half glasses of dry Martinis later, they declared themselves a couple in front of the entire bar standing on the scene drunk as ever. Some witnesses said that the newborn couple made out in front of the crowd, but our star-reporter did not capture the event, so she can’t tell for sure.

Harry O.D’s
After talking to his brother on the phone, Harry was last night observed to take an overdose of heroin. He was sitting at a local pub not far from where his brother the night before was seen making out with a man. The witness tells The Sun that he looked sad as ever and that he cried and jelled in the phone. The witness didn’t see Harry push the syringe with heroin in his arm, but she saw him outside the pub buying something from a drug addicted friend before he went inside.
After a few hours in the pub, Harry was found un
conscious on the floor. The investigators that came to the pub, thought that prince Harry wouldn’t come to his full senses ever again. They took him to hospital right away. The doctor said his condition was critical, but stabile. The queen didn’t come to the hospital to meet her son, she told us she carried too big of a burden and too much shame, that she did not bear another disappointment. “Let me suffer alone!” she shouted from her limousine window while showing us the finger from the open window.